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MRO covers for aerospace such as:
Tire covers, engine covers, intake covers, helicopter blade covers, etc.

Robot covers (Robot-Flex@)
Welding, painting, surface treatment, foundry, clean room (Scara Robot), EMC, robot boots

Way covers for machining center
Cross rail bellows of a large, horizontal-type machining center for an airplane wing (16.4ft cross rail testing machine at Nabell)


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Others : 3DPrinter

●Tamagawa Seiki has long specialized in the development and manufacture of aerospace instruments, gyroscopes and defense-related equipment, ever since the company was founded in Kamata, Tokyo in 1938. Based on a long history of production and installation in aircraft with the Japan Defense Agency, the company’s aviation business has been expanding for commercial aircraft with Tier 1 or Tier 2 integrators in recent years.

Business Contents
・Angular sensors and motors for pilot control system, flight control system, etc. for commercial aircraft
・Resolver, LVDT (linear variable differential transformer), RVDT (rotary variable differential transformer),and DC brushless motors
・Aircraft electrical equipment, gyros, inertial measurement instruments
・Electro-mechanical actuators such as throttle quadrant assy, landing gear actuators, etc.
・Motion control systems for factory automation
・Angular sensors for drive motors of hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles


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●Manufacture of parts for aircraft, space equipment, and nuclear power equipment
●Design and manufacture of hydraulic equipment, various testing equipment, and jigs & dies
●Structural sub-assembly and parts repair of aircraft

Takasago Electric, Inc.

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●Solenoid valves, check valves and pilot valves for hydraulic or pneumatic systems
●Air/gas valves for ventilation and oxygen supply systems
●Pinch valves and liquid control devices for beverage
●service, galley and lavatory equipment
●Proportional valves for fuel control
●Electrical actuators (solenoids)
●Precisely machined metallic and plastic parts
●Various fluid control devices for space experiments

Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd.

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Others : 3DPrinter

●Design, Develop, and Manufacture Aerospace Electrical Equipment
    – Electrical power systems
    – Electro-mechanical actuation systems
    – Stores management systems
    – Hoists & Winches
    – Aircraft/Airport ground support equipment

●Customer service

    – Repair & Overhaul
    – Periodic inspection and maintenance
    – Engineering support

●Research and Development

    – Various Critical Elements for MEA
    ( More Electric Aircraft )

Okaya Special Steel Center Co., Ltd.

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●Our main business fields are the industrial machinery and construction machinery markets. We provide a variety of services including material stocks, cutting, and machining.
●We aim to undertake highly complex machining processes.
●We acquired JIS‐Q‐9100 in January 2015, and are entering the aerospace field.

Nabtesco Corporation

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●Nabtesco Aerospace Company is a key business among six business units.
●It has over 60 years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of hydraulic components, engine-related components, and flight control actuation systems.
●One of The World’s Top Suppliers for Flight Control Actuation:
  * Domestic Programs: Almost 100% Share
  * Boeing Commercial Program:
    – Top Supplier of “Fly-By-Wire” Flight Control Actuation Systems
       Recent New Programs:
        ・737MAX FBW Spoiler Actuator
        ・777X Flight Control Actuation Systems
    – Awarded “2013 Supplier of The Year”
  * Mitsubishi Regional Jet: Supplier of Flight Control Actuation Systems


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●Aircraft Division:
The major division of our company, fabricating aircraft/spacecraft parts with state-of-theart facilities and specialized machining technology such as long-size precision cutting, 5-axis cutting, and titanium cutting.

●Vehicle and Aircraft Device Division:
Mainly designs and fabricates tools & jigs for aircraft assembly, and
aircraft components for overhauls (repairs) of aircraft.

●Hydraulic Device Division:
Mainly fabricates hydraulic device components for industrial vehicles and
construction machines. Performs machining, welding and assembly, and also fabricates machined parts of aircraft.

Kondo Machine Corporation

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●Machine design and manufacturing
●Machine processing for aviation engine parts
●Ultra-precision parts manufacturing
●Mold design and manufacturing

Market Product (Exclusive Bicycle Wheel)
“GOKISO”, the ultimate bicycle wheel system: development, design, manufacturing and international distribution


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●Small & medium size aircraft parts
●Automobile trial products
●Precision machinery parts processing
●Equipment parts processing, robot parts,machine tool parts processing

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