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1. Design, development and manufacturing of sheet metal forming dies and jigs
2. Fabrication of sheet metal parts of airframe and engine (Aluminum and Titanium)
3. Design, development and manufacturing of the dies, and manufacturing of the parts, sub-assemblies and BIWs for prototype automotive.

Usetech Co., Ltd.

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“Our advanced equipment, technologies and skilled operators provide reliable products for customers.”
●Manufacturing of intricate aerospace parts by precision machining and cutting
●Manufacturing of high volumes of automotive parts (up to 5-digit parts production per day)
●Manufacturing of low-volume aerospace and rail vehicle parts
●Inspection for all parts with designated and calibrated measuring devices and tools

WADA Aircraft Technology Co., Ltd.

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●Design and manufacturing of jigs and tools for the aircraft and space industry
●Manufacturing of parts for the aircraft and space industry


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●Our company specializes in machined parts of aircraft,design fabrication of jigs and tools for aircraft, and the production of various types of models for technical verification (wind-tunnel experiment models or mockups). We also assemble easy parts of aircraft.

●We design and manufacture jigs for automobiles
(forming dies, check jigs, etc.) and produce medical equipment (laryngoscopes).
●We manufacture solid terrain models from digital data.

TEKNIA Co., Ltd.

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●Parts for machine tools, industrial machines, and aerospace

TEKNIA has highly sophisticated machining technologies backed by the company’s 100- year history. Recently we have focused on reducing costs by effectively using our plant in Thailand.


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Others : Sand Casting, 3DPrinter

●Aerospace Parts:
    Accessory gear box, manifold, housing, cylinder head, crankcase, …
●Manufacturing Processes:
    Sand casting and 5-axis machining with 3D printing
●Special Processes:
    Welding, heat treating, material testing laboratories, chemical processing, non-destructive testing


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●Manufacture of parts for aircraft, space equipment, and nuclear power equipment
●Design and manufacture of hydraulic equipment, various testing equipment, and jigs & dies
●Structural sub-assembly and parts repair of aircraft


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Others : 3DPrinter

●Takagi Chemicals, Inc. was the first company in Japan to work on recycling of plastics. With many patents and deep expertise, we conduct R&D in line with customer needs.
●We have set technology standards in various fields, such as recycling of PET bottles and resin coating for clips and clamps, etc.

Main Products
●Automobile parts, forklift parts/automatic warehouse parts, and motorcycle parts
●Plastic injection molding products for automobile interior parts and outboard engine parts
●Polyester short fiber, cotton and sound-absorbing materials

Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd.

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Others : 3DPrinter

●Design, Develop, and Manufacture Aerospace Electrical Equipment
    – Electrical power systems
    – Electro-mechanical actuation systems
    – Stores management systems
    – Hoists & Winches
    – Aircraft/Airport ground support equipment

●Customer service

    – Repair & Overhaul
    – Periodic inspection and maintenance
    – Engineering support

●Research and Development

    – Various Critical Elements for MEA
    ( More Electric Aircraft )

Ryoki Tool Company, Ltd.

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Others : Eaterjet,advanced Inspection

●Invar tooling for composites
●Tooling for aircraft and aerospace
●Aircraft parts fabrication
●Measurement services under contract
●Stamping dies for automobiles

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