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 ・Assembly of aircraft structures, as well as helicopters for commercial applications & the Self-Defense Forces
 ・Periodic inspection and maintenance of Self-Defense Force fighter aircraft and helicopter parts
 ・Design and manufacturing of jigs & tools
 ・Assembly of rocket launching system and maintenance and inspection of associated parts and equipment
 ・Design and manufacturing of high-performance, high-power (max. 21 MPa, 1 unit: 500 liters per minute) hydraulic systems


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1. Design, development and manufacturing of sheet metal forming dies and jigs
2. Fabrication of sheet metal parts of airframe and engine (Aluminum and Titanium)
3. Design, development and manufacturing of the dies, and manufacturing of the parts, sub-assemblies and BIWs for prototype automotive.

Daiichi System Engineering Co., Ltd.

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We challenge the most advanced technologies with innovation and expertise to provide our customers with the most cutting-edge and ontime industrial solutions.

●Outline of Business
    – R&D, Design, Product Engineering – analysis and optimization of aircraft parts and structures. (shown right)
    – Quality Assurance – supporting functional and flight testing,and posttest data analysis.
    – Software Development – numerical control machining.

Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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Others : Metal mold shaping

Waka Manufacturing is a Japan‐based technology company specialized in the engineering and manufacture of interconnection/coaxial cable products for the aerospace, defense,telecommunication and industrial markets.
Established in 1958, Waka Manufacturing is one of the most experienced domestic companies in the coaxial market, especially in millimeter wave frequencies up to 110 GHz.

Waka Manufacturing’s expertise includes MIL standard connectors, customized cable assemblies and connectors for the defense and also aerospace industries. Our microwave coaxial connectors and technology have been accredited by JAXA for aerospace use as the first connector maker in the microwave category in Japan.

Yamaichi Special Steel PRISMADD JAPAN

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Others : AM ( 3DPrinter)

●Additive manufacturing solutions:
3DMaterials    – Powder manufacturing/supply
3DXpertise    – Design/redesign (Simulation and topological optimization)
PRISMADD    – 3D printing manufacturing (Parameter optimization)

●Manufacturing services:
Yamaichi Special Steel – Special steel supply
– Ultra-precision machining
– Heat treatment
– Measurement (ISO 17025)


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Others : Inspection device

●Shot-peening processing of aerospace parts under contract
    ・Nadcap (surface enhancement)
●Sales of Almen strip, Almen gage and Magna valves for the aerospace industry
    ・TOYO SEIKO is a distributor of Electronics Inc.
    (US shot-peening products) in Japan.
●Sales of Conditioned Cut Wire
        (aerospace approved)

●Sales of Coverage Checker
●Residual Stress Measurement


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Others : Automatic circuit testing equipment

●Manufacture of electrical wiring harnesses
●Installation of wiring harnesses
●Design and manufacture of automatic circuit testing equipment
●Design and manufacture of ground support equipment


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●Assembly of aerospace structure
●Periodic inspection and maintenance of aircraft
●Design and manufacture of fixtures, assembly tools and mechanical devices
(electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic servo-control technology)
●Manufacture of advanced composite products
●Manufacture of special containers for aircraft and space equipment


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Others : Engineering and design of Aircraft seats

●Fabrication of aircraft parts
(sheet metal parts and composite parts)
●Sub-assembly of aircraft airframe
●Design, development and manufacture of aircraft equipment (various seats, containers and racks)

TEKNIA Co., Ltd.

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●Parts for machine tools, industrial machines, and aerospace

TEKNIA has highly sophisticated machining technologies backed by the company’s 100- year history. Recently we have focused on reducing costs by effectively using our plant in Thailand.

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