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●Machining of ultra-precision parts, from aerospace engine parts to civilian-use water valves
●Machining of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium alloy, nickel-based superalloy

The length of the bottom section of the solar panel is 57 m, the exact length of the H-2B rocket developed in Japan

Ryoki Tool Company, Ltd.

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Others : Eaterjet,advanced Inspection

●Invar tooling for composites
●Tooling for aircraft and aerospace
●Aircraft parts fabrication
●Measurement services under contract
●Stamping dies for automobiles

Okaya Special Steel Center Co., Ltd.

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●Our main business fields are the industrial machinery and construction machinery markets. We provide a variety of services including material stocks, cutting, and machining.
●We aim to undertake highly complex machining processes.
●We acquired JIS‐Q‐9100 in January 2015, and are entering the aerospace field.


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Others : Heat blanket

●Design and manufacture of silicone rubber heaters (heater mat) for industrial use, for repair composite materials for aviation (stretch type, standard type, magnetic type)
●P&F heaters (polyimide flexible heater)
●Temperature controllers

Nishimura Works Co., Ltd.

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●Precision products manufactured with advanced technology on state-of-the-art equipment
The tools and fixtures that Nishimura Works manufactures for the aerospace industry are highly-specialized products used in the production of the Mitsubishi Regional Jet, the Boeing 787, and the H-IIA/H-IIB launch systems, as well as helicopters and other aircraft.
Nishimura is committed to meeting the challenges of the ever-advancing aerospace industry.

●Tools and fixtures for the aerospace industry
Nishimura accepts orders from aerospace and defense contractors for the manufacture of tools and fixtures used in the production of passenger planes, fighter planes, helicopters, rockets, and other aircraft.
Production standards for the aerospace industry call for extreme precision, and those tools and fixtures are exceptionally difficult to manufacture.

●Manufacture of component parts for aircraft
All aircraft must be capable of transporting passengers in safety. Nishimura Works manufactures structural elements of passenger aircraft. These parts form the airframe itself and there is absolutely no room for error in their manufacture.

●Dispatch of technical staff
We can provide support as necessary for the production of the latest aircraft by dispatching our technical staff to work directly at the customer’s production or management facility.


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●Aircraft Division:
The major division of our company, fabricating aircraft/spacecraft parts with state-of-theart facilities and specialized machining technology such as long-size precision cutting, 5-axis cutting, and titanium cutting.

●Vehicle and Aircraft Device Division:
Mainly designs and fabricates tools & jigs for aircraft assembly, and
aircraft components for overhauls (repairs) of aircraft.

●Hydraulic Device Division:
Mainly fabricates hydraulic device components for industrial vehicles and
construction machines. Performs machining, welding and assembly, and also fabricates machined parts of aircraft.

Meinan Machinery Works Co., Ltd.

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●Manufacture of machined parts for aerospace industry
●Design and manufacture of jigs & tools and parts for aircraft assembly
●Manufacture of prototype parts for automobiles
●Manufacture of parts for special machines


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●Aerospace parts
●Manufacturer of transportation equipment
●Other products (parts for automobiles, parking support equipment, electrical distribution, etc.)

Koyama Chemical Co., Ltd.

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●Processing of function-added plating mainly for aero-aviation components,electronic parts, and automobile parts

●Copper, nickel, and tin plating for mass-produced products
●Excellent high-mix, small-lot production
●High technologies and know-how for surface treatment of various materials to meet customers’ needs
●Network of partner factories, enabling us to reduce lead time of all types of surface treatment


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●Manufacture of precision parts for aircraft
●Mass-production of turbine blades grinding mounted on the aircraft engine
●Machining of rocket engine parts
●Manufacture of prototype products for rockets

(Aircraft products account for about 80%.)

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