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●Establishment: June 1, 1953
●Lines of business:
    Design and manufacture of various equipment for automation
    (for automobile, autopart, and semiconductor industries)
    Design and manufacture of precision molds and dies for press and injection molding
    Processing of ultra-precision parts
    Machining & inspection of aircraft parts


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Machining processing of parts for aircraft and spacecraft frames and engines. Application of processing
technologies to produce a variety of products to be supplied to the market.
●Main aerospace products:
    – Aircraft parts
    – Aircraft engine parts
    – Spacecraft parts and engine parts
    – Aircraft parts for composite materials
    – Jigs for composite laminated materials
    – Design and manufacture of special devices
●Other main products:
    – Functional automotive parts
    – Hydraulic parts for construction machines


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●Machining of the low-pressure turbine blade for the aero gas turbine engine and various parts for rocket engine.
●Metal surface treatment of aero engine parts and automobile parts etc.
●Manufacturing of various molds for the ceramics honeycomb injection and Aluminum injection.
●Trust processing of industrial gas turbine parts, automobile parts and other metal product.
●Development and manufacturing of the mechatronics products.
●Manufacturing of the high precise and high efficient digital servo press.
●Trust processing of the press parts.
●Sales of the chrome free paint “ZECCOAT”.


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●Production of machining parts for aerospace and assembly for aircraft.
●Design and development and production of GSE for aircraft.

Ishigane Seiki CO., LTD.

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●Design and manufacture of aircraft-related parts, medical-related
●Design and manufacture of precision machine parts such as fabrication machines, semiconductor
devices, HDD assembly devices, and energy-saving devices, etc.

●Trial manufacture of automotive parts, etc..

Entered the aircraft industry in 2013, the aircraft business until last year was about 5 percent of our company. Recently, we received an order for all 18 different parts from MRJ ( Mitsubishi Aircraft Co., Ltd.).
about the wings mounted components “TRACK RAIL”.
In addition, we also received the order of all 800 items which consists of 20 models from Aircraft manufacturing companies. We expect from the production of aircraft-related parts started going into orbit,our company’s business aircraft components will grow rapidly.
And from now on, we also make great effort to improve technical capability furthermore in order to satisfy customers and receive high quality evaluation from customers.

Kakamigahara Aero Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Others : Laser marking machine

●Manufacture of wiring harnesses for aircraft, helicopters and missiles
●Manufacture of extremely high-quality wiring harnesses
●Wiring harness build-up for quick installation on aircraft
●Design and manufacture of ground support equipment


Others : Grinding

We serve as your partner for grinding in production development, and offer ideal processing and grinding solutions.

(1) Grinding processing by expert craftsmen
During the 47 years since our establishment, we have specialized in ‘grinding the impossible’ in a 1-μm process by N/C machines, leveraging the intuition and experience of our craftsmen.

●Cylindrical grinding …………… outside φ570mm, inside φ600mm
●Surface grinding …………… 600mm x 2000mm
●Profile grinding …………… 200mm x 200mm x 200mm

(2) Measurement of product dimensions with multiple inspection facilities
Constant-temperature chamber inspections, three-dimensional measuring machines, roundness measuring instruments, highly-trained measurement

Asahi Kinzoku Kogyo Inc.

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●Manufacture of airplane parts for Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, MRJ, etc.
Aerospace-related products account for 96% of our total production.
●Machining, shot-peening, non-destructive testing, surface treatment (plating, anodizing), painting,sub-assembly

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