• Assembly, Sub-Assembly
  • Tooling, Jigs, GSE

●Construction and assembly of aircraft
●Painting of aircraft
●Design and production of assembly jigs

Aerospace IIDA

  • Part Machining (Airframe)
  • Part Machining (Engine)
  • Special Process
  • Tooling, Jigs, GSE
  • Engineering/Design

Aerospace IIDA is a cooperative organization represented by the company “NEXAS”,consisting of small and medium‐sized companies, and conducted a deep and remarkable study through over 600 working teams and formed a new world‐class industrial cluster in 2006.
In order to undertake large work projects, trust among the companies is very important,which is built through team working. Above all, under the quality assurance system backed by JIS Q 9100, Aerospace IIDA is steadily winning contracts for manufacturing aircraft parts.


  • Part Machining (Airframe)
  • Part Machining (Engine)

●Founded in 1943
●Started AP Division in 1969
●Aero structure parts
      Ribs, Inspa-ribs, Beams, Hinges, Trunnions, Fittings
●Aero Engine parts
      Engine cases, Frames, Blisks, Diffusers
      Compressor wheels for Gas turbines, Turbochargers


  • Functional Component, Equipment
  • Part Machining (Airframe)
  • Tooling, Jigs, GSE

●Small & medium size aircraft parts
●Automobile trial products
●Precision machinery parts processing
●Equipment parts processing, robot parts,machine tool parts processing


  • Assembly, Sub-Assembly
  • Part Machining (Airframe)
  • Part Machining (Engine)
  • Special Process
  • Tooling, Jigs, GSE
  • Engineering/Design
  • Others

Others : Sewn fabrics Electrochemical Machining

●Jet engine parts manufacturing using electrochemical machines (ECM)
●Precise machining using precision electrochemical machines (PECM) for high dimensional and repeat accuracy

    * Burr-free surface
    * No thermal damage
    * No tool wear
    * Capable of machining complex shapes in extremely hard materials

Asahi Kinzoku Kogyo Inc.

  • Assembly, Sub-Assembly
  • Part Machining (Airframe)
  • Special Process

●Manufacture of airplane parts for Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, MRJ, etc.
Aerospace-related products account for 96% of our total production.
●Machining, shot-peening, non-destructive testing, surface treatment (plating, anodizing), painting,sub-assembly

Chubu Nihon Maruko Co., Ltd. (CNM)

  • Electric Cables/Harness
  • Tooling, Jigs, GSE
  • Engineering/Design
  • Others

Others : Wiring analyzer Laser wire marker

Chubu Nihon Maruko (NCAGE: SKY48) is a Japan-based technology company specialized in the engineering and manufacture of interconnection products for aerospace, defense, and industrial markets.

Established in 1990, today Chubu Nihon Maruko is one of the most experienced domestic companies in the industry, earning a reputation for supplying highly reliable interconnection solutions.

CNM’s expertise includes MIL standard connectors, customized harness assemblies and connectors for defense and aerospace systems.
As an interconnection expert, CNM has served as a solution provider for critical missions such as H-IIA, H-IIB launcher vehicles, HTV and HAYABUSA.


  • Tooling, Jigs, GSE
  • Engineering/Design

●Design, analysis and testing in the development of aerospace products

●We have worked to expand and enrich aerospace engineering for over 50 years.
We currently employ over 300 engineers in many different projects related to the aerospace industry.
We focus primarily on the design and analysis of aircraft, aerospace engines, and aerospace equipment, and offer specialized services to the development of various aircraft and space projects across Japan.


  • Engineering/Design
  • Others

Others : S1000D Manual

    Aircraft design
    Automobile design

    Crash analysis
    Vibration analysis
    Noise analysis
    Strength analysis
    Fluid analysis

●Technical Publication
    Aircraft manual development (ATA iSpec2200/S1000D)
    Electronic manual development (DITA/XML/SGML)

●System Development
    Web contents creation

CRE Co., Ltd.

  • Engineering/Design

Focused on gaining customer trust, CRE offers engineering support in the areas of aircraft structural design, structural analysis, electrical and electronic design, software development, device design, productivityfocused process design, and quality assurance.

CRE prepares and edits a variety of manuals. We also perform contracted projects associated with documentation, such as electronic conversions of documents and translations of technical documents and manuals.

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