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  • Certification

●TAMADIC engineers are assigned various duties in the design phase, such as design and analysis of aircraft and support for rocket launchings etc.
●TAMADIC manufacturing engineers support leading-edge manufacturing technologies as production planners and tool engineers etc.
●TAMADIC designs and manufactures jigs, tools, and equipment.

S-TEC Co., Ltd.

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●Aerospace equipment and parts manufacturing
●Design and manufacturing of swivel joints for aircraft
●Design and manufacturing of swivel joints and rotary joints for industrial machinery
●Medical device parts manufacturing

Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • Certification

Others : 3DPrinter

●Design, Develop, and Manufacture Aerospace Electrical Equipment
    – Electrical power systems
    – Electro-mechanical actuation systems
    – Stores management systems
    – Hoists & Winches
    – Aircraft/Airport ground support equipment

●Customer service

    – Repair & Overhaul
    – Periodic inspection and maintenance
    – Engineering support

●Research and Development

    – Various Critical Elements for MEA
    ( More Electric Aircraft )

Ryoki Tool Company, Ltd.

  • Capability Category
  • Certification

Others : Eaterjet,advanced Inspection

●Invar tooling for composites
●Tooling for aircraft and aerospace
●Aircraft parts fabrication
●Measurement services under contract
●Stamping dies for automobiles

Nishimura Works Co., Ltd.

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  • Certification

●Precision products manufactured with advanced technology on state-of-the-art equipment
The tools and fixtures that Nishimura Works manufactures for the aerospace industry are highly-specialized products used in the production of the Mitsubishi Regional Jet, the Boeing 787, and the H-IIA/H-IIB launch systems, as well as helicopters and other aircraft.
Nishimura is committed to meeting the challenges of the ever-advancing aerospace industry.

●Tools and fixtures for the aerospace industry
Nishimura accepts orders from aerospace and defense contractors for the manufacture of tools and fixtures used in the production of passenger planes, fighter planes, helicopters, rockets, and other aircraft.
Production standards for the aerospace industry call for extreme precision, and those tools and fixtures are exceptionally difficult to manufacture.

●Manufacture of component parts for aircraft
All aircraft must be capable of transporting passengers in safety. Nishimura Works manufactures structural elements of passenger aircraft. These parts form the airframe itself and there is absolutely no room for error in their manufacture.

●Dispatch of technical staff
We can provide support as necessary for the production of the latest aircraft by dispatching our technical staff to work directly at the customer’s production or management facility.

Nabtesco Corporation

  • Capability Category

●Nabtesco Aerospace Company is a key business among six business units.
●It has over 60 years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of hydraulic components, engine-related components, and flight control actuation systems.
●One of The World’s Top Suppliers for Flight Control Actuation:
  * Domestic Programs: Almost 100% Share
  * Boeing Commercial Program:
    – Top Supplier of “Fly-By-Wire” Flight Control Actuation Systems
       Recent New Programs:
        ・737MAX FBW Spoiler Actuator
        ・777X Flight Control Actuation Systems
    – Awarded “2013 Supplier of The Year”
  * Mitsubishi Regional Jet: Supplier of Flight Control Actuation Systems


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We are exclusively an aerospace and defense focused enterprise and specialized in machining complex parts to customer specifications.

●Design and Production Engineering
●Surface Treatment and Painting (Out Sourcing)

CRE Co., Ltd.

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Focused on gaining customer trust, CRE offers engineering support in the areas of aircraft structural design, structural analysis, electrical and electronic design, software development, device design, productivityfocused process design, and quality assurance.

CRE prepares and edits a variety of manuals. We also perform contracted projects associated with documentation, such as electronic conversions of documents and translations of technical documents and manuals.


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  • Certification

Others : Sewn fabrics Electrochemical Machining

●Jet engine parts manufacturing using electrochemical machines (ECM)
●Precise machining using precision electrochemical machines (PECM) for high dimensional and repeat accuracy

    * Burr-free surface
    * No thermal damage
    * No tool wear
    * Capable of machining complex shapes in extremely hard materials

Aerospace IIDA

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  • Certification

Aerospace IIDA is a cooperative organization represented by the company “NEXAS”,consisting of small and medium‐sized companies, and conducted a deep and remarkable study through over 600 working teams and formed a new world‐class industrial cluster in 2006.
In order to undertake large work projects, trust among the companies is very important,which is built through team working. Above all, under the quality assurance system backed by JIS Q 9100, Aerospace IIDA is steadily winning contracts for manufacturing aircraft parts.

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