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●TAMADIC engineers are assigned various duties in the design phase, such as design and analysis of aircraft and support for rocket launchings etc.
●TAMADIC manufacturing engineers support leading-edge manufacturing technologies as production planners and tool engineers etc.
●TAMADIC designs and manufactures jigs, tools, and equipment.

Takasago Electric, Inc.

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●Solenoid valves, check valves and pilot valves for hydraulic or pneumatic systems
●Air/gas valves for ventilation and oxygen supply systems
●Pinch valves and liquid control devices for beverage
●service, galley and lavatory equipment
●Proportional valves for fuel control
●Electrical actuators (solenoids)
●Precisely machined metallic and plastic parts
●Various fluid control devices for space experiments


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●Production of metal plate parts for aircraft
●Production of small-size sheet metal parts for B777, B787, B767, GX, MRJ, F-15, etc.
●Production of metal plate parts for entrance doors, etc. for buses
●Production of large refrigerators for professional use


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Others : 3DPrinter

●Takagi Chemicals, Inc. was the first company in Japan to work on recycling of plastics. With many patents and deep expertise, we conduct R&D in line with customer needs.
●We have set technology standards in various fields, such as recycling of PET bottles and resin coating for clips and clamps, etc.

Main Products
●Automobile parts, forklift parts/automatic warehouse parts, and motorcycle parts
●Plastic injection molding products for automobile interior parts and outboard engine parts
●Polyester short fiber, cotton and sound-absorbing materials

S-TEC Co., Ltd.

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●Aerospace equipment and parts manufacturing
●Design and manufacturing of swivel joints for aircraft
●Design and manufacturing of swivel joints and rotary joints for industrial machinery
●Medical device parts manufacturing

Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd.

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Others : 3DPrinter

●Design, Develop, and Manufacture Aerospace Electrical Equipment
    – Electrical power systems
    – Electro-mechanical actuation systems
    – Stores management systems
    – Hoists & Winches
    – Aircraft/Airport ground support equipment

●Customer service

    – Repair & Overhaul
    – Periodic inspection and maintenance
    – Engineering support

●Research and Development

    – Various Critical Elements for MEA
    ( More Electric Aircraft )


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●Machining of ultra-precision parts, from aerospace engine parts to civilian-use water valves
●Machining of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium alloy, nickel-based superalloy

The length of the bottom section of the solar panel is 57 m, the exact length of the H-2B rocket developed in Japan

Sanko Hamono Co., Ltd.

  • Capability Category

●Manufacturing, customization, R&D and sales of cutting tools Product line-up includes drills, end mill routers, and cutters for CFRP, GFRP composites, metals, and wood materials
●Trial and customization of cutting tools to suit each customer’s machine conditions
Sanko Hamono is a maker of industrial cutting tools and grinding tools, specializing in tool design, manufacture, repair, regrinding, and restoration. We provide tool manufacturing and repair services employing a comprehensive range of equipment including NC machining centers, wire cutting and brazing equipment, high-precision polishers, tool grinders, profiling machines, and inspection machines.

Ryoki Tool Company, Ltd.

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Others : Eaterjet,advanced Inspection

●Invar tooling for composites
●Tooling for aircraft and aerospace
●Aircraft parts fabrication
●Measurement services under contract
●Stamping dies for automobiles

Okaya Special Steel Center Co., Ltd.

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●Our main business fields are the industrial machinery and construction machinery markets. We provide a variety of services including material stocks, cutting, and machining.
●We aim to undertake highly complex machining processes.
●We acquired JIS‐Q‐9100 in January 2015, and are entering the aerospace field.

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