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1. Design, development and manufacturing of sheet metal forming dies and jigs
2. Fabrication of sheet metal parts of airframe and engine (Aluminum and Titanium)
3. Design, development and manufacturing of the dies, and manufacturing of the parts, sub-assemblies and BIWs for prototype automotive.

Yamaichi Special Steel PRISMADD JAPAN

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Others : AM ( 3DPrinter)

●Additive manufacturing solutions:
3DMaterials    – Powder manufacturing/supply
3DXpertise    – Design/redesign (Simulation and topological optimization)
PRISMADD    – 3D printing manufacturing (Parameter optimization)

●Manufacturing services:
Yamaichi Special Steel – Special steel supply
– Ultra-precision machining
– Heat treatment
– Measurement (ISO 17025)

TEKNIA Co., Ltd.

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●Parts for machine tools, industrial machines, and aerospace

TEKNIA has highly sophisticated machining technologies backed by the company’s 100- year history. Recently we have focused on reducing costs by effectively using our plant in Thailand.


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Others : Sand Casting, 3DPrinter

●Aerospace Parts:
    Accessory gear box, manifold, housing, cylinder head, crankcase, …
●Manufacturing Processes:
    Sand casting and 5-axis machining with 3D printing
●Special Processes:
    Welding, heat treating, material testing laboratories, chemical processing, non-destructive testing


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●Manufacture of parts for aircraft, space equipment, and nuclear power equipment
●Design and manufacture of hydraulic equipment, various testing equipment, and jigs & dies
●Structural sub-assembly and parts repair of aircraft

S-TEC Co., Ltd.

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●Aerospace equipment and parts manufacturing
●Design and manufacturing of swivel joints for aircraft
●Design and manufacturing of swivel joints and rotary joints for industrial machinery
●Medical device parts manufacturing

Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd.

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Others : 3DPrinter

●Design, Develop, and Manufacture Aerospace Electrical Equipment
    – Electrical power systems
    – Electro-mechanical actuation systems
    – Stores management systems
    – Hoists & Winches
    – Aircraft/Airport ground support equipment

●Customer service

    – Repair & Overhaul
    – Periodic inspection and maintenance
    – Engineering support

●Research and Development

    – Various Critical Elements for MEA
    ( More Electric Aircraft )


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●Machining of ultra-precision parts, from aerospace engine parts to civilian-use water valves
●Machining of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium alloy, nickel-based superalloy

The length of the bottom section of the solar panel is 57 m, the exact length of the H-2B rocket developed in Japan

Ryoki Tool Company, Ltd.

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Others : Eaterjet,advanced Inspection

●Invar tooling for composites
●Tooling for aircraft and aerospace
●Aircraft parts fabrication
●Measurement services under contract
●Stamping dies for automobiles

Okaya Special Steel Center Co., Ltd.

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●Our main business fields are the industrial machinery and construction machinery markets. We provide a variety of services including material stocks, cutting, and machining.
●We aim to undertake highly complex machining processes.
●We acquired JIS‐Q‐9100 in January 2015, and are entering the aerospace field.

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