Nabtesco Corporation

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●Nabtesco Aerospace Company is a key business among six business units.
●It has over 60 years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of hydraulic components, engine-related components, and flight control actuation systems.
●One of The World’s Top Suppliers for Flight Control Actuation:
  * Domestic Programs: Almost 100% Share
  * Boeing Commercial Program:
    – Top Supplier of “Fly-By-Wire” Flight Control Actuation Systems
       Recent New Programs:
        ・737MAX FBW Spoiler Actuator
        ・777X Flight Control Actuation Systems
    – Awarded “2013 Supplier of The Year”
  * Mitsubishi Regional Jet: Supplier of Flight Control Actuation Systems

MEIRA Corporation

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Fasteners, machining parts and rod assemblies for aerospace, precision threaded parts and cold forging parts for automobiles, orthopedic implants and instruments.


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●Aerospace parts
●Manufacturer of transportation equipment
●Other products (parts for automobiles, parking support equipment, electrical distribution, etc.)

Koyama Chemical Co., Ltd.

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●Processing of function-added plating mainly for aero-aviation components,electronic parts, and automobile parts

●Copper, nickel, and tin plating for mass-produced products
●Excellent high-mix, small-lot production
●High technologies and know-how for surface treatment of various materials to meet customers’ needs
●Network of partner factories, enabling us to reduce lead time of all types of surface treatment


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We are exclusively an aerospace and defense focused enterprise and specialized in machining complex parts to customer specifications.

●Design and Production Engineering
●Surface Treatment and Painting (Out Sourcing)


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Others : Sewn fabrics Electrochemical Machining

●Jet engine parts manufacturing using electrochemical machines (ECM)
●Precise machining using precision electrochemical machines (PECM) for high dimensional and repeat accuracy

    * Burr-free surface
    * No thermal damage
    * No tool wear
    * Capable of machining complex shapes in extremely hard materials

Aerospace IIDA

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Aerospace IIDA is a cooperative organization represented by the company “NEXAS”,consisting of small and medium‐sized companies, and conducted a deep and remarkable study through over 600 working teams and formed a new world‐class industrial cluster in 2006.
In order to undertake large work projects, trust among the companies is very important,which is built through team working. Above all, under the quality assurance system backed by JIS Q 9100, Aerospace IIDA is steadily winning contracts for manufacturing aircraft parts.


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●Machining of the low-pressure turbine blade for the aero gas turbine engine and various parts for rocket engine.
●Metal surface treatment of aero engine parts and automobile parts etc.
●Manufacturing of various molds for the ceramics honeycomb injection and Aluminum injection.
●Trust processing of industrial gas turbine parts, automobile parts and other metal product.
●Development and manufacturing of the mechatronics products.
●Manufacturing of the high precise and high efficient digital servo press.
●Trust processing of the press parts.
●Sales of the chrome free paint “ZECCOAT”.

Asahi Kinzoku Kogyo Inc.

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●Manufacture of airplane parts for Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, MRJ, etc.
Aerospace-related products account for 96% of our total production.
●Machining, shot-peening, non-destructive testing, surface treatment (plating, anodizing), painting,sub-assembly

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